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Our Digital Forensics Services

At Lucid Truth Technologies,
We Are Committed to Helping You Build the Best Case Possible

We tailor our strategy to meet the exact needs of each attorney and their case. Our work with you could include any of the following digital forensics services:

Computer Forensics

We use the scientific methods of computer forensics to identify, recover, and analyze digital evidence from hard disk drives and solid state drives—possibly even if they’ve been damaged or encrypted. Such evidence is carefully collected
and preserved to be presented in court.

Mobile Forensics

We are knowledgeable in both Android and iPhone forensics. We can help extract location data, user activity, file system information, and application data in cases involving smartphones and tablets.

Cloud Forensics

Cloud environments can reveal valuable evidence—but they also come with special legal issues. We’re experienced in both navigating the technical challenges of cloud service providers and working within jurisdiction and data privacy laws.

Background Checks and Open- Source Intelligence Gathering

Information about an individual’s criminal, financial, and personal history can be vital in legal proceedings. Whether that information is contained in official records or in publicly available sources, we’ll help you gather and make sense of it.

Ready to Find Out How Our Digital Forensics Services
Can Affect Your Case?

The Right Expertise Can Transform the Most Challenging Aspects of Your Case into the Most Impactful

Spend Less Time in Discovery

Don’t spend all your valuable time trying to sort through terabytes of technical data on your own. We have the expertise needed to make discovery as efficient as possible. And when you retain us, you’re free to focus your attention where it needs to be.

Get to the Heart of the Data

We help translate technical discovery into useful information. We’ll bring your attention to the most important evidence and clearly explain what it means for your case. That makes it easier for you to build a sound strategy.

Earn Your Client’s Support

Every client wants to know you’re doing all that you can to win their case. When you present Lucid Truth Technologies as part of your strategy, your client sees just how thorough your approach is. We’ll even participate with you in client meetings to explain what is revealed by the forensic data.

Use Your Firm’s Resources Well

Even if you avoid case killers, so much of your time and resources can be stolen by gaps in knowledge and preparation. We help you understand the strength of your claims and the opposition’s so you can get your client the best result in the most efficient way possible.
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