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About Lucid Truth Technologies

Lucid Truth Technologies is a Michigan-Based Digital Private Investigation Agency and Forensic Consulting Firm

We’ve helped attorneys across the country figure out what really happened and determine how it impacts their case.

Who We Are

We’re a licensed digital private investigation agency led by Kenneth G. Hartman, an internationally recognized cyber security expert.

We specialize in computer, mobile, network, and cloud forensics, providing support to law firms and individual attorneys. We combine technical proficiency with a deep understanding of each client’s needs to optimize discovery and advise on the facts pertaining to each unique case. Our experience covers a wide range of cases, from child pornography to distracted driving to murder.

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What We Do

We help lawyers digest large volumes of digital discovery so they can create winning strategies.

We provide the technical skill to recover data and unearth evidence across platforms. We analyze and explain complex information, giving lawyers a clear understanding of technical data and the facts about what happened based on this data.

From client meetings to the courtroom, you can lean on our experience to earn the support of your clients and the favor of your firm.

Who We Work With

At Lucid Truth Technologies, we specialize in working with small to midsize law firms. By engaging Lucid Truth Technologies, these firms can access vital digital forensic services without having to invest in expensive equipment or staff. Our targeted caseload ensures that their specific needs are met and investigations are conducted efficiently. These firms value Lucid Truth’s direct communication and ability to make complex information manageable, often retaining us as their technical expert across cases.
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What Makes Us Unique

Our digital private investigator agency goes beyond the technical expertise required to uncover and analyze digital evidence. In addition to our deep understanding of technology, we take the time to understand the specific needs of our clients. This allows us to effectively communicate and present our findings in a way that is clear, concise, and admissible in court. We strive to bridge the gap between the technical and legal worlds to ensure that justice is served.

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